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02 September 2012

Delta IV Heavy [5]

And there she is, ready for lift-off. The end result is very pleasing to the eye, it certainly is a big hulk of a rocket, three of those orangey-white candles next to each other. the real one is 72 meters in length, I really think it is America's most impressive rocket today.
As usual, it isn't your straightforward out of the printer build, I added a couple of things. The engine bells all got a layer of paint outside and inside ant an aluminium shielding made from sticky alu-tape I have laying around.

The skins of the rockets were printed on textured paper to imitate the foam coating on the real thing. It really improves the look, I think. The insides of the Common Booster Cores all were reinforced with sturdy cardboard circles and the upper struts, holding the three CBC's together were made from florist's wire whick I painted white and red.
There are some less satisfying points in the end result which I'll show after the jump, together with some other detailed shots of the Delta. 
All in all I am very happy how this one came out and I enjoyed the build a lot. Mark Cable's kits really are recommendable. take a look at them at Ecardmodels.

The only not-so-good thing in the model and it's all my fault: 
the three CBC's do not align perfectly at the bottom.
 When I make three more or less the same objects it starts to get routine, I get bored, I get a bit sloppy sometimes. The connection parts between the central CBC and the right booster are not aligning well. I should have paid more attention.

The struts at the top of the boosters holding the three CBC's together on their way up. 
Made from florist's wire.

Back of the Delta

The insides of the engine bells are light brown, since they're coated with an ablative material that burns away during the journey up. It is a bit heavier but cheaper than a liquid cooling system.



My cat Muis inspects the Delta.

Joining the other big ones on the shelves. 
Note the difference in size with the blue/white Delta III on the right next to the Soyuz.

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