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30 September 2012

Well, that was fun.

Now let's back to the serious stuff again.
Here's the Gatchaman Godphoenix. Scale is unknown, but is is at about 70% of the original model.
I liked the build, nice parts and shapes. Inventive way of making the air inlets. Result is pretty decent but this just was for fun and I didn't really intended this one to be meticulous. It's all paper apart from the deck dome, which is heat-shaped transparent plastic.

Here I am, a month from 42 and I am doing a plane from a kid's cartoon show from the seventies...

More after the jump.

The bottom side. Two observation domes (I think they are) and two downward-facing jet engines behind louvres.

Lots of rounded, curved edges. I used knitting needles to get them round.

The hangar for G-1, Mark/Ken's jet aircraft. When I was young I always presumed this was where the cockpit was but in fact it is right behind the nose cone and the grey harmonica like structure. The outside view was projected on a big screen.

The access dome on top of the deck. This one is made from plastic. I heated a piece of plastic over a flame on my stove and used a bead on a stick to pull the softened plastic over. After cooling, I cut the dome off with my dremel.
Next project already is on the way, I started intensive research. Most of it will be found on Paper Modelers but I also will report here, of course.
Until next time!
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