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05 September 2012

Dnepr 1/96 [2]

Like someone said on, it looks like I'm turning them out like sausages, just like Nikita Khruchchev said. the Dnepr is ready for gathering dust.
What is there to add to the story already told? I took some pictures of the detailing work I did on the hull. The small strips of paper I used and the strips of sticky aluminium.
The pedestal I used came from the thrift shop. In a previous life it was a party cup for peanuts or other nutty stuff.
The wasp waist of the fairing looked like it was a small obstacle to tackle but it was very easy and it looks very good. This overall is a very well fitting kit, as usual with Leo Cherkashyn's models.
I also like the way the colour turned out. Although the lettering would have been white in the real world and here it clearly isn't, I like the metallic shine of the rocket.
Now here is a picture. After the jump there are some more.

Dnepr. Dnepr. Dnepr. Dnepr. Nice word. Nnnnnnnnnn YEP-rrrrrrrrrrr. Nice model, too.

Small strip of red paper makes electrical wiring on the second stage. Good view on the embossed silver strap too.

Result. Small but fairly easy. Just do this when you're fresh, not at the end of the day.

Second stage engine part.

The two stages together.

detail at the interstage section

On the right, the original kit part. Left, my remake with a bead for the tank in the middle.

first stage engine section in the making. This was assembled on a plug which was then inserted into the bottom part of the Dnepr. Good method. Very easy to handle the parts this way, instead of wrestling with  long cylinder.

Fairing transition. the wasp-waist. Also an easy part to assemble.

Finished engine section. Exhaust pipe also functions as a guide for the stand rod.

With its colleagues, gathering dust.

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