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30 August 2012

Delta IV Heavy [4]

...And the build goes on.

But it starts to look like the final stage has begun. CBC 3 is nearing completion. I have to do the engine section and the I can start on the final assembly.
Nothing much else to say, except that I got two more detailed shots of the Delta and a sneak peek into one of my next builds for you after the jump. (-;

Now here's a shot of the plumbing on the third booster in close up. Amazing how rough it looks so close, larger than life. I might try and smooth it out a bit, perhaps.

This is something I am really glad with. The texture of the CBC just looks great.

Now then, what would this be? Silvery paper, green band, Might look like something Leonid Cherkashyn has designed? Maybe a little tweaked by PK? What will it be? Something out of a hole in the ground, that's what I'll say to you. And that's enough of a hint for the connoisseurs amongst us!

But there is more on the way!
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