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05 August 2012

MSL diorama [3]

Counting down the hours to landing, I did some more work on Curiosity. All the wheels are now there and they all look good. At least good enough to use. Two of them could've been a little better. But CA is quite unforgivable. Glued is glued. I just could adjust a little here and there. Oh well. Hardly noticeable.
And yes, I had to. I couldn't leave it as is. I made the wheel bogeys all moveable. The central axle moves, but the secondary rear axle also pivots. The wheels won't be able to turn though, and they also cannot steer. But I think this also is fun to look at.
Because of this I also decided to change the diorama setting a little. I wanted Curiosity be able to show the moving parts, so, I couldn't attach the Sky Crane to the rover. So I decided on this:

More pictures of the building and moving bogeys after the break.

I first will show some pics of how the wheels were made.

This was kind of hard to do.

Now then, the proof the bogeys can move. It is all connected by a piece of a pin, covered and decorated with paper circles I punched out of grey and black paper.

A little insect, almost. In reality this is as big as an average small European car.
Now there's this bunch of tires waiting to be connected to the bogeys. that's for later. My eyes were getting tired so I quit for today.

Until after the landing! Let's hope the best of it all. Curiosity can provide us with a lot of very interesting new information about Mars.
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