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26 August 2012

Delta IV Heavy [3]

The construction of my 1/96th Delta IV steadily goes on. I don't work on it every day but I have finished the central CBC and the left one. I now am working on the right booster core, which still is in parts and needs a lot of work yet.
Here and after the jump are some pictures of where I am now.

Two boosters finished. A big rocket which comes together very nicely.

Detailed view of the fuel lines and instrument tunnels

difference in length

the inside of the engine is coated with a cork layer as ablative shield. It is much cheaper than cooling the engines with the cryogenic fuel other engines use. it makes them a bit heavier but they make that up in power.

And this is one of the two smaller booster cores. It is a big feller!

Engine #3 in the process of being built.

CBC #3 as it looks now on my desk.

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