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24 February 2012

Mixed paper, mixed techniques

Up until now, I almost always have used the same kind of paper for one build. One exception was the 1/200 Atlas V 551 I made while I was making Juno. I used some beautiful metallic copper/bronze coloured paper for the common core booster.
The build of the Soyuz FG (there is progress but just in building those four strap-on boosters and they're all the same - so nothing new) took me to the usage of silver coloured sticky tape. This enhanced the overall look of the rocket significantly. I already had plans for using dull aluminium coloured metallic paper for the upcoming build of the Titan IIIe central core but I now also plan using (semi) gloss paper for the boosters and shroud. I think again it will add more realism. besides that, I found out the dry wall seam tape I used recently for the backside of Ranger 7's solar panels is perfect for the openings in the interstage section of the Titan.
So, more and more of my builds are getting more materials added besides the brass rods and tubes I sometimes add already.

First thing in making models for me is to create a model as accurate as possible in the scale I work in. If this means I have to use other materials than paper I'll not hesitate to do so. I am not a purist in any way. However, I want to keep my builds as much in paper as possible, that's just the biggest fun of it. And more kinds of paper in one build are quite new to me. So I still consider my builds as paper models, even though there is an occasional piece of copper or plastic involved here and there.

Let me take this occasion to tell you a bit about my plans for the coming months. They are quite simple but perhaps not easy. I want to expand my 1/96 rocket garden a bit more and I recently bought this aforementioned very nice Titan IIIe at Ecardmodels so that'll be next and after that I want to remake John Jogerst's Atlas V in the 551 version as a static unfueled rocket, with the nice metallic brass/bronze coloured paper. Then, if I have the time I'll get back to some more 1/48th probes again.

But those are just the plans. reality will tell whether it'll go like that.

Sometime soon a new batch of pictures!
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