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12 February 2012

Use the wall?

Over on the Papermodelers forum someone asked for a group pic of all my models up til now. I showed them my crammed shelves stuffed with rockets, dioramas and other spacecraft. I said this was all the space I had.
One of the people on the forum then suggested I should use the wall. First I thought "what does he mean, use the wall?" but then suddenly it dawned on me what he might have meant: why not hang the rockets that lift off on the wall? It keeps on looking the same. So I put three of them on the wall. It is quite funny to see. I really never thought about this before, having considered the frames as just horizontal display methods for my models. How wrong I was. Hahaha!

Thanks, Zoltan!

PS. I have started a new build in the meantime, too. It will be revealed soon.
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