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05 April 2018

Slow moments in fast times.

Yeah, I know.
It is going slow here on the blog. I have got a lot of other things to do. I am building now and then, but it is not worthy enough to show, I think. It just serves as a means to clear my mind of things once in a while. Also, I have been creative in some other ways. We have been busy preparing for displaying our three architecture documentaries we made last year. The last two are shown on exhibitions this spring and all three are shown in the local cinema as part of the activities around Architecture Day. For you Dutchies, the trailers are here, here and here. Sorry, non-dutchies, there is no subtitling available. But they still are quite nice to watch. (There is another architecture movie we made and that one indeed has English subtitles. The trailer of that one is here.)
All in all, ther has been just a few moments I could cut and glue paper. Hopefully soon there wil be more time to thoroughly get back into paper model building. I really do hope so. I still have a lot of models I want to build. I want to do a final Block 5 Falcon9 and also the F9Heavy. There's a McD Phantom 1 designed by Gerard Methorst waiting at my cutting mat. I want to do the top of that darned N1 rocket. I would like to make Nando's Collier rocket, Maxim's Myasishchev M55, and there is more.
I will get to them. That is a promise. Not as much to you all but to myself.
Stay tuned. Enjoy the background noise. see you soon.
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