Paper models, photos and musings of a Paper Kosmonaut

12 March 2018

Yes, I am still alive, don't worry.

At the moment there are some other creative things occupying my days, so there is less to show. Yet there are lots of plans and you can count on a couple of nice builds later on this spring.
I have been practising on an airplane with a skeleton inside to get myself ready for the M-55. It turns out I used the wrong thickness of paper after all. More on that later.
At the moment, I am recuperating from a heavy flu, I haven't felt ill like this in years. I am mobile again, going out and enjoying the fresh air but at times, I still cough my lungs out. Hopefully that will pass soon too. For the time being, just be patient, there are things in the proverbial pipeline.
Thanks and see you soon.
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