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02 January 2018

Let's start 2018 with a 1/40 PZL-104 Wilga

And a happy new year to you all.
A new year with a couple of long during builds ahead and also hopefully a busload of inbetweenies. Here's a nice inbetweenie to start it all. 

Some time ago, paper model designer Julius Perdana made a model of a very charming little plane from Poland. The PZL-104 Wilga looks like it’s a ton of fun to fly. A thin tail boom, a straight high wing (providing a good view, also big (BIG!) windows) and a cabin that makes the whole of the airplane look a little like a dragonfly. Add those cute bendy knee-landing gear struts and you have an altogether very attractive plane. Sort of a modern nephew to the Fieseler Storch. I just made this model as-is. I only thickened the tail wheel and used some ribbed cardboard for the insides of the main gear wheels.
This was practically a one-day build, with a short night rest in between the two sessions.
The plane really was fun to build and the fit was next to perfect. I even left the glue tabs as it was, so no hassle with extra inner glue strips and all that. Just good fun. 

Below you'll find more pics and comments.

 I started out with the wing. Julius gives no order in which way th eplane has to be assembled nut there are several things that come in handy when preparing to build this one. The wing has a part that goes into the left-out bit in the middle to close it up. Weights always are good to keep the wing straight. There are two formers that go in the wing's end.

I first made the mistake to start at the back of the fuselage. That way you will end up with some closing up trouble at the front. I started again, now with the cabin.

The nose section attaches to the lower fuselage and the window section and needs some working from the inside, using your fingers. This is the only way to reach these parts, when you start at the back, you'll not be able to reach the parts well, unless your fingers are very thin. Really very thin. And long. Like E.T. I also added the wing in this stage, it was easier to apply some light pressure on the glued surfaces this way.

The outer node section. The anti glare black upper part glues to the nose section and connects to the windscreen. This also needs a little tinkering and finger pressure to secure into place.

I coloured the lower overhang of the engine cowling black inside. It looked just a little better than leaving it white.

Propeller time. Perhaps a tad too thick, but it rotates on a nail, a paper shaft and a paper end cap. then the rest of the fuselage. I assembled the part behind the cabin first, then I did the tail boom.

Main gear. The smaller struts were measured to the kit parts and rolled out of dark red hobby paper. Vaguely you can discern the tail was made too.

Horizontal tail plane, with an enlarged central part, again the type of struts I described earlier, and a thickened tail wheelstrut and separate tail wheel.

The sides of the tail plane middle aprt were originally uncovered. I just placed a tiny piece of paper over the holes to close it up.

The steps to get inside also were made of rolled red paper. The main gear wheels were cut out of the kit's sheet and the volume was recreated by using 12mm circles of ribbed cardboard, with rolled black strips of paper around until I was getting the desired thickness. The wheel's original rolling surface apparently was a little too short for the wheel's circumference. This way the side walls still were useable.

A final beauty shot on the living room's floor. I need to vacuum again. I also happen to have two cats, who contribute little to nothing to the housekeeping chores...

Here's an extra shot of that thin dragonfly tail. I'd like to fly one of these little planes.

Apart from the notes to the pics, is there anything more to say about this build? erm… Oh yeah, I was listening to King Crimson's Court of the Crimson King while making this one. But apart from that? No. There’s not. Just these pictures. 
This is it! The new year has started.

To end with another fun-to-start-the-new-year-with note, one of our films we made last year has been nominated for an award in the regional film of the year 2017 competition. Which is nice.
Until the next time,

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