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24 December 2017

Early Warning [yada yada yada] Fokker F-270 Skyguard part two! [end]

There it is, folks. A piece of plastic, intended to become a peaceful KLM City Hopper but turned military and dark with a big rotating dish on its ridiculously large tail.

Below you can read more on the how and what, but here is the finished product first:

I finally decided to do the plane's belly with Tamiya sky grey, which meant I had to grab a hairy stick to apply the paint. Thined with a little water, the paint was more fluid and spred out nicely. Not as smooth as the upper surface, which was done with a Tamiya rattle can AS-8 (US)Navy Blue. The leading edges of the wings were painted matt black.
The windows that were damaged by the relentless sanding sessions were replaced by a dab of krystal klear, a white goo that dries transparent. A thin film of the stuff over the window holes did the trick. Nice!

Then the decals. I have loads of spare and leftover decals in my stash, so I chose some appropriate things. A couple of black squares to serve as dielectric panels (or something like that) and two red lines could be the warning lines over the fuselage for the propellers.

I also found a decal of a door, which was nice, because the sanding also made the panel lines of this door disappear. Now the pilots still have a convenient way to enter their plane. There might be a small update in the not-so-distant future, I am planning a big decal on the rotodome. But that is for later.

Well, that is it for this year, I guess. There won't be a lot of time the coming days to do more model stuff. it was quite a year, like always. I hope next year will bring the world, you and your loved ones only prosperous times and lots of joy and fun.
Enjoy the days to come and see you next year!

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