Paper models, photos and musings of a Paper Kosmonaut

07 December 2017

Still here!

Hi friends.
It has been a very busy month. But the fourth film in the architecture series is finished and looking good. 

© De Loods mediaproducties / Stichting Beeldlijn
It has become a very autumny film, lots of rainbows, sunny and rainy spells in one shot, great drone shots and a very comprehensive and interesting story on city-scaping and about how the post WW2 suburbs around my city came to be. In English the title is something like  "tinkering on a running engine", a reference to how the architect we portrayed is regarding his job.

So now it is time again to do some model stuff.
At the moment I am doing a bit of a deviation from the usual paper stuff. I will soon let you in on the details. For now, just bear with me a ittle longer, this week I hope I will get a new post online.
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