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03 November 2017

Schiphol 1935 1/300 [part 2]

While we are very busy with filming the fourth installment in a documentary series on Northern Dutch architecture, I also found a little bit of time to fiddle with paper.
The HP.42 had to be finished and its sister in the KLM, the DC-3 also still had some stuff to be done.
In 1/300 everything is a bit of a challenge, but wing struts certainly are.
Here's where I am now, more follows further below in this post.

This is my 400th post on this blog. Just a couple of days after my 47th birthday, it is just another little milestone in my life.
I never dreamt I would be keeping a paper model blog when I started making models again and here I am. People from America, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Indonesia, Brazil and lots of other places far away from the Netherlands visit my humble little blog and read about my insignificant silly hobby. I feel happy when I think about that. So onwards to the next 400 posts!

Last post, I was working on the wing struts of the HP.42. I actually did the same as with its big sister in 1/100. I glued the struts that would meet on the lower wing first on to the underside of the upper wing. (Is that comprehensible? I guess so.) Then I glued the upper wing to the lower wing. This still was tricky, just in the 1/100 version. But it worked, albeit with a bit of fiddling with the position of struts and wings. After that, I added the rest of the struts.

Then, the main landing gear were glued on.  This was easier than I expected. The only hard part were the mudguards.

Here's a picture showing the difference in scale with the 1/100 version.

While I first wanted to try and make the propellers rotate, I eventually just glued them on. It isn't a toy after all. I am not that crazy.

So, the HP.42 is finished. Now, the DC-3. It still needed some props and some gear.

And there we are. Now... How will this one work out? We'll see. Soon, hopefully.
(Yes, it's a Fokker F.XVIII in 1/300 from a model that originally is 1/72...)

Thanks for watching and until next time.

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