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18 December 2016

ZIL 4906 (3) The cabin is closed.

A little update. I have closed up the cabin. The inner parts of the side walls are on, and this one also needed a good look at the drawings and some patience. But I got there.

The parts close like inverted Super car gull wing doors. A small strip at the underside ot the two parts needs to be folded inward and glued to the low side walls. The point where the fold line is is a little hard to spot, and it needs to be smooth, not razor sharp. It has to follow the contours of the windscreen and the back wall. I made some accessories for the driver, too. More below.

This is how the side of the vehicle looks like now. It isn't gliued in place here but yuo get the idea. This wall will get some "glass and then the outer skin will go over. The Back windows can be opened, so I'll keep that as an option.

Of course, those long rides can be boring and sometimes you will have to wait a long time before you can come into action. So what to do? You might want to read. I provided the driver with some newspapers and a magazine. 

All genuine Russian magazines and papers. Izhvestia, Literaturnaya Gazeta and Russia's version of Popular Science (I guess?): Technika Molodezhi. I don't really know what the ZIL drivers usually like to read but I guess this will do. I found the papers as images online and made a couple of prints using the steering wheel as a reference until I thought I had the right scale.

Oh, and the driver also has a rucksack with some personal belongings. Maybe even a lunch box. Who knows. Maybe even a thermos filled with nice borscht.

Closing time.

The next part already lies next to the cabin. The outer skin. But first I need to make some glass in the windows.
 That's it! See you tomorrow, when I'll be posting some more info on the Zil's history.

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