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08 December 2016

Clear Skies, John Glenn.

2016 has claimed its umpteenth famous death.

John Glenn, the last living member of the Original Seven Mercury astronauts, has passed away today. He was 95. A hell of an age considering all the things he did. Glenn served in two wars (WWII and Korea), he broke the speed record on a coast-to-coast high speed flight in an F-7 Crusader, he was the first American to orbit the earth, the fifth human in space, served 20 years as a senator and went back to space at the age of 77, serving as a human guinea pig on STS-95 (His dying age. Isn't that a weird coincidence?) for tests on ageing. He received more awards and honours than most of us would in ten lifetimes. 
A real hero.
He was married for 73 years to Annie Glenn. 

Now, the Original Seven finally are complete again, somewhere else. They can all don their silver suits again and ride into the sunset. Like the magnificent men they all were.

Ad Astra!

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