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17 December 2016

ZIL 4906 (2): The first build pictures

Hi there. Here's the follow-up of what is going to be a much longer build than I first anticipated but a very enjoyable one. 
Anyway, it really is nice to build another kind of vehicle other than spacecraft for a change. This model really has a lot of parts. Many hundreds. Many of them need to be reinforced with a backing of thick card, like from sturdy boxes. 1mm thick, it makes for a solid build. Since there isn't a real order in which to build this car, I am making this up on the go and I write what I do, to make a decent English instruction manual for this model.
I was a little on a flow so there aren't any very first start pics. 

The cabin is shown here in a later stadium. Chair and couch were easy and fitted well. The instrument panel is very nice. It all fits tightly. It is a good idea to constantly look at the drawings well, they are very detailed and correct. I already have made a couple of little mistakes that luckily were easy to correct. If you see no gap, there is no gap intended. If you have a gap, you are wrong. Sometimes that actually is a bit hard to discern since all drawings are just shown from one point of view and sometimes tiny slots are easy to overlook...

The transmission stick has been given a nice silvery knob because I liked it better that way. The dashboard panels fit like a glove between the outer bulkheads. Great design.
The chair and the couch are too very nice little pieces of work.

I already made the first mistake here in the picture above: the two sidewalls are the wrong way round. The slots need to be on the back; making sure the back wall is angled... I have corrected this in the meantime.

The four reinforcement beams which will hold the bonnet. They had to tightly fit into the front firewall and had to have a little 1mm space in front of them for fitting the front part. I solved this to just shorten them a little. I just placed the dashboard back plate forward 1mm too far. And that had everything to do with me placing those low sidewalls the wrong way round. One mistake can lead to another.

The windscreen consists of four layers. It is a bit hard to cut out, even though my paper is 200 grams, so it is quite sturdy.


I added a little rod for the turn indicator lights. I also redesigned the wheel's spoke, since the original kit version had a three-spoked wheel, and on the photos I saw this version.


This is how far I am now. I already added some more small stuff, more on that later. I will also want to tell a little more about how this vehicle came to be in the next entry.

Until then, see you around!


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