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14 February 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 7

This is what I had made of Planck already, a little more than a year ago. in 1/48. I hope I will one day finish it. I like the looks, I haven't seen it since I put it aside all those months ago.

It will be nice to try and build this one and Herschel in half this scale.
some more news after the jump.

For the rest I have given myself a little treat by buying a couple of pencils. I found the two grey pencils I have were not always sufficient. I of course use them for edge colouring white paper. So I got me some more nuances of tertiary colours. (see how cleverly I avoided using the title of that dreaded trilogy of very badly written books? Heh.)

The Ariane lies awaiting further construction. I have been busy with some job-related stuff so there is not much to show you. Just the closing of the second stage. I decided to make it from crumpled paper, because I think it is just a simple cover for the tank dome and nothing fancy. It will be more or less covered up by the Sylda inner shroud in which Planck will be.

Hopefully more next time.
For now, enjoy your weekend.
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