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06 February 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 5

What do you do when you suddenly realise the alignment of your model is not correct? And that that seam easily could have been hidden behind a electric cable duct?
You start ripping your pretty model apart. That's what you do.

What the results are, you can see after the jump.

I realised the fuel lines and electrical ducts were not properly aligned and therfore were not aligning with the base end at the engine section. I did another check and found that the amount of rows of insulation tiles were not correct. Then I also thought: "this is thee moment to actually do something about the mistake lots of designers still accidentally make by not camouflaging a seam if they can. This one was so obvious, I just kind of hated the fact I overlooked it the first time. So. Decision made. Let's rip it up!

I whipped out my Macbook and redesigned the hull part. I enlarged it a bit, while comparing it to a good drawing I had of the Ariane. I counted the rows of insulation 'tiles' and measured their height. More rows, less height, meant a longer hull all together. First I thought that was weird but another measurement proved me right. Reprint, recut, re-embossed. In the print I also played a little with the colour of several tiles.

Soon the rocket was back together again. I didn't care too much of the seam being super tight, it would be covered up now. I realigned the interstage and engine section according to the seam, across which the white electrical duct would run.

However, it was a snug fit.

Glue marks of the previous electrical duct on the interstage. Not much of a bother. It all would be hidden behind the  newer version.

I also took the opportunity to detail the inside of the interstage a little more with beams and two vent tubes from the tank dome to the outside.

A test fit of the new ducts and fuel lines. The white one and the thick grey one already are glued to the hull.

So, back where we were. Well, almost. I need to do the attachment points of them all. That's a job for tomorrow.
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