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02 September 2013

Oh, the sweet vacuum after finishing a build...

The SCA with the Enterprise on her back has flown into the world, together with the three T-38's.
And the cutting mat is cleaned up again, the paper shreds are in the waste paper basket and the tools and knife are at their storage location. Another build can be ticked off of the list.
Now what's next?
I am not going to sit back and relax. There is, as usual, already some new project lurking in the corners of my mind and it's getting near the surface. There already is some research on the way and I am gathering facts and details. That's half of the fun, really. Getting to know your topic. I know there are some things waiting, like the Loral 1300 bus I started. And I promise that will be finished too some day. But for now there is a new big project coming up and when I mean big I mean big - well, at least for me it's big.
More on that later. There might be an inbetweenie or two before I start the big one.
For now, I'm still doing research, tests and a couple of small pre-build modifications.
Curious? well, you've got to stay curious for a little longer then.
Oh, allright, one teaser, then.
source: Wikimedia Commons
See you soon!
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