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05 September 2013

It looks like there's nothing going on...

...But that's not true at all.
Inside my head I am dealing with the things I think might be the main obstacles in the next big build. Trying to visualise the parts and construction in my head makes it a lot easier for me for when the time is there to actually build the model.
Also making drawings is helping to make the model come to life for me. Pretty soon I will treat you here on a smorgasbord of little drawings I made of how I envision what I want to build.

I also have bought a lot of new paper already. Funnily, it only cost me about 5 euros. For that amount of money one can't even buy a proper plastic model of an aircraft. 
(I said: proper) 

The first thing I am going to build in the coming weeks is an 1/48 F-1 engine.
This way I can make a nice big engine model that is showable without the batting the original engines had. The rest of 'em will be built in 96th with the batting around them.

An F-1on display at KSC. The base of the engine bell is 3,70 meter and the height is 5, 80 meter. 
Not what you call a small engine. This is how it looks without the batting.
(picture source: Wikipedia)
And this is how it looked, bolted down underneath the Saturn. 
The batting was made from asbestos, so not the healthiest stuff to be around. 
But it apparently helped the engine staying in one piece during lift off.
(picture source:The Apollo Saturn reference Page)
More in a little while. Thanks for keeping visiting here.

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