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28 June 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [12]

I am a bit surprised on how slow my progress seems to go. It is like I don't have the energy to start early and go on for more than three hours in a row per day. I still am tired as we speak.
I cannot put my finger on what makes me tired but I guess it must me the sum of a couple of things.
Thing is, it kind of irritates me that it slowed down. I'd like to see this SCA flying. That will happen, no doubt, but not today.
I have worked n the new wings. I always had planned this, and considered the built wing a test to see what I could detail. I added one engine and that is that. it all looks good and perhaps I would have used this wing if it wasn't for the lack of colour. it missed the dark surface area over the wing itself and that definitely needs to be on.
So here's a look at the engine up close (I even made the turbine blades by cutting them loose and curving them slightly) and the new wing after the jump.

Biggest thing with building the engine was the lack of instructions. Even though Richard de Vries made an excellent derivative of the 747-400 that can be found on the Canon website,  there is no instructions for this modified version. That caused some confusing moments before, and now again. The original instructions are a good lead in which goes where an all that but the canon 747-400 is in a British Airways livery, and that also means it is flying with Rolls Royce engines instead of Pratt & Whitney turbofans. The shape is completely different.
After a little search on the interwebs I found out about what I needed to do and you can see the end result here.

So here's the new wing. Better colours, better flaps.

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