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23 June 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [11]

Today I made the base plate. I tried out a couple of sizes but ended up with the biggest one I had. It's about 30x40 centimetres and that is because I want to do the width of the runway on scale too.
I measured out the angle in which the runway would look best and would leave me with some extra room for detailing the surrounding landscape. (Well, its a desert, so there's not much to detail and decorate..) I will make a small tutorial in the tutorial section about how I make this kind of landscape.
Anyway, here's what I came up with.
The SCA and the other hardware still isn't finished but now I have a place for them to go.
More after the jump.

I used paint and birdsand (crushed shells and very fine grained sand) as medium to make the desert floor.

The runway was made of water proof sandpaper #400. it was much too dark all over so I had to find a way to lighten it up.

Chalk did the trick. Softly rubbing it out over the sandpaper.

The middle part, where all the planes burn their rubber, was made blacker with black pencils and charcoal. For measurement and just to see how it looked I put the SCA on the runway. The T-38 was already flying.

It looks quite real..

But it is attached to a pin.
So, that's what I did today. Tomorrow it's back to building the SCA itself. I need to do two engines for the starboard wing before I continue the build with the port wing.
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