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16 June 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [10]

Well, I guess it is possible after all. I wasn't sure whether I could pull off this trick, making slats and flaps on the SCA's wings. But I did.

And although I am always happy when something works out well, I must say I really am quite pleased with the result of today's build.

More pictures after the jump!

Today started with closing up the fuselage section. Everything fitted reasonably well and the coloured band across the windows aligned good. The main gear struts were made from rolled up paper and I discarded the needles that were intended to strengthen the struts a little more. 

Then I cut out the first wing section. The leading edge has a small section of slats, used to enlarge the wing's surface for more lift during take off and landing and to prevent the aircraft from stalling too soon. These slats open up from underneath the wing and hinge forward. In the paper wing, I curved the slat section inward to make room for the opening in the wing for the slat hydraulics. I doubled up a small strip of paper, curved it while the glue still was wet and attached it to the inward curved slat section.  Small strips of paper were used as actuators. Some CA did the strengthening bit.

Then came the flaps. Also used for increasing the wing surface for more lift, these flaps are at the trailing edge of the wings. I had cut out the flaps on the print and followed the same procedure as the slats. The insides of the wing were widened with some scratch built pieces to make room for the inner parts. 

A quick test fit on the fuselage. Note the two struts of the main landing gear in place. 

Even the flap track fairings were relatively easy to assemble. In the original model they would have been just straight but with these opened flaps they had to be curved like the real ones.  

Then the rest of the wing with the slats was made, as well as the other flaps.

 This is actually bigger than the real thing. It is really small.

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