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15 May 2013

Mir 1/400 [14]: Finished (finally!)

Well it took some time to show you all but here is Mir and Atlantis in the process of undocking during STS-71, the first visit and docking of a shuttle to the Mir space station and in some way the birthplace of the ISS. Not so much to add in words, more to add in pictures. Have fun with them!
Atlantis undocks from Mir, the 4th of  July, 1995
And for reference, here's the original photo taken from the undocked Soyuz:


There are more photos of my model after the jump. This build was part of a mini group build, to see more of it, please take a look at this page on Paper where you can see the build of my good friend Zoltan Mertusz, who also made a very beautiful 1/100 rendition of Mir, but in a fictitious version, including a docked Buran shuttle (with scratched payload bay!!) and a very fine scratchbuilt TKS module docked to the front port.

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