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03 May 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [4]

A small update. It is actually a tough little cookie, this 747. The original model was of a 747-400 but the SCA that I make is a 747-100, an earlier version with a smaller bulge on the back. Therefore the whole plane configuration differs a little with the original model.
And however well-made the replacement parts are, the lack of numbers and correspondence to locations on the model make this build more and more like a small scale 1000-pieces puzzle.
And I kind of lack the energy to see it as a challenge and plain fun to figure out where all the parts should go.
Four big interview shoots coming up in a couple of days. Crucial for the documentary we're making at the moment. Very time consuming and it all needs a lot of organising.

At the moment I am getting a bit stuck at the wing root. There are really a lot of parts, which make the shape all the more realistic but also very complex in 1/400. Maybe I will restart the build completely after the interview sessions are done, knowing now what I'll encounter later on. For now here's where I am.

a couple more pictures after the jump.

not glued yet but held in place. This is where I am stuck now. It is not looking right and I don't know what part I should use here...

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