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09 February 2013

Baikonur rollout [5]

The shroud has been finished. I added the air brakes, the protrusions for the periscope and other greeblies and of course the escape tower rockets. keep in mind that this is an early Soyuz, so the tower is not the modern long one we all know but a stubbier, shorter one.
Tomorrow's the day I'll start with laying down the sleepers for the rail road track. Yippee!
Three more photos after the jump.

The rocket in its almost finished state. I wanted to try the train layout to see how it looked but I found out the locomotive was very, if not too close to the rocket. After another good look at the pictures i have of the transport in that time, I figured out there had to be two flat cars between the locomotive and the transporter. So, back to the printer it will be!

Last item: the escape rocket motors. These rolled up pieces of red paper were actually just fragments rolled between my thumb and index finger in an attempt to get "cylindrical shapes" but the shapeless items I ended up with were just as good as real neatly rolled parts. They're tinier than tiny and no one will be able to meticulously study their shape. The tower itself is a nail, by the way.
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