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19 January 2013

Mir 1/400 [13] : Atlantis

Well, I started out building Atlantis. This is the third of the shuttle fleet I am building. Challenger, Discovery and Enterprise still have to follow. They'll be built in undoubtedly the same scale.
This time the payload is the most interesting bit, since there is no model of Spacelab in this configuration available from AXM.
I used Alfonso's Harmony module, which is almost the same size as the original double sized spacelab module, and added some details that makes it look more like Spacelab. After the jump, you can see the tunnel installed in the payload bay. The tunnel has been made from rolled up paper and is completely scratch built. All of the payload has been painted white to imitate the isolation cloth over the parts. 
Next are the struts with which the tunnel in the payload bay is secured.

The top of the docking module is made from a punched out piece of silver paper. The inner part of the doors (the radiators) are a bit crinkled but they will get a new surface soon.
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