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12 January 2013

Mir 1/400 [12]

Here's a Soyuz. it is a little bit small. It fits on the tip of my finger.

After the jump I will show you how I did it.

I started with a little 8mm rolled piece of paper around which I wrapped the engine compartment part.
I sanded down the top to make it look like the capsule.
Then the top layer came on.
The orbital module was made the same way. I disregarded the parts of Alfonso's very nice model to just try and do it with a rolled up piece of paper and my sand disk. It worked, as you can see.
After that it was time for some thingamajigs and doodads, also known as greeblies. trust me, it is all real stuff that is on the outside of a Soyuz.
A couple of nice blue glossy solar wings were added.
 Through the entire length of the Soyuz runs a brass tube, so it can be shoved on a rod sticking out of a base plate. It thickens after a centimetre or six, seven, so there it sticks. However, it can still be removed.  At the top of the still far protruding rod, the rest of Mir can be added to complete the Russian part of the structure.

 And that's the short and long of it. Up next will be a Shuttle called Atlantis.

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