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01 January 2013

Mir 1/400 [10]

A happy New year to you all. Not much to say, only some pictures to add to the story. I changed - or rather: remade the long solar panel on Kvant-1 when I did its twin that still lives on Kristall. I finished building Kristall itself, it got its orbital manoeuvring engines and antennae. Last module of Mir I'll make is Kvant-2, since in my depiction the Priroda module is not yet there.  After that it's time to build Atlantis.
Okay, now here's one picture of the whole of Mir so far in my hand, more pics after the jump.
From left to right: Kvant-1 with its new solar array, Mir base block, Spektr pointing away from the camera and Kristall.

Kvant-1 has its two distinctive masts added.

Details on Kristall. Note the small "petals" on the root of the removed solar panel on the right.
The retracted solar panel to make place for Atlantis' arrival.

The new solar panel of Kvant-1.

Kristall, finished.

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