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11 June 2012

Been a while

It indeed has been a while! Almost a month and that's quite unusual for this blog anyway. Reasons enough; mainly, there's nothing to show at the moment. I was working a bit on a new model but it was been put aside for more serious stuff.
The film me and my partner have been working on finally has been finished and it has taken a lot of energy and time to get it off the timeline. Production stuff, designing the cover sleeve, coping with last minute changes and so on. Not a lot of time to do paper models.

And to say something else, this whole business has kind of drained me a bit from being creative besides all the stuff I had to do for my job. Mostly there's plenty left but now I am left a bit empty minded and tired, to say the least.
The 22nd of June the documentary is going to have its première, I presume after that there will be more creativity again.
For those who understand Dutch, here's a link to our website to show you the trailer of the film. For those who don't, I'll tell a little about it: It's about two retired architects with a strong opinion about how they think one's supposed to build in relation with the surroundings. The film therefore bears the fitting title "in context". In this trailer you see them commenting on buildings and criticize some of them. Also, you see some of the buildings they comment on. Two quotes are quite significant for the film: "New buildings being placed next to old buildings have the task to improve the old buildings with their new appearance" and "When a house clearly shows it is enjoying the landscape it has been built in then the landscape itself also enjoys having the house." Although the film has proven to be a tough cookie to make, I am proud of it and I like the story and contents. It's a good film, in my opinion.

Enough about that, I'll tell you what's in the making at the moment (but ground to a halt). First, an Atlas V 551. The Common Core Booster is ready, the fairing and payload as well as the boosters still await construction. After that, I might do a new SpaceX Falcon 9 with Dragon on top since Alfonso Moreno from AXM came up with a new more detailed version than the already existing one. It's on his website (see the link in the sidebar). After that, I think I'll go back to making some 1/48 probes and satellites. Love those things. Herschel, Planck and Hubble are my first choices.
But that's next month.

At the moment I try and take my mind off things by doing a little plastic aircraft. A Grumman Widgeon by Airfix in 1/72. A very badly shaped and even worse moulded kit. Lots of putty and sanding. Incredible Airfix is praised for its 1/24 Mosquito but also comes up with this rubbish! The propellers are hugely misshaped and full of flash on one side, lacking half of a blade on the other side. The engine cowlings are too small for the wing part and had to be enormously widened. But anyway, it is less minute in motor skills than paper building, at least that's how I feel it.

Soon there will be more paper modeling again. For now I just am going to await the first showing of the documentary. After that's been done with, Paper Kosmonaut will build again.
See you soon and thanks for stopping by!

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