Paper models, photos and musings of a Paper Kosmonaut

28 May 2011

STS-1 (continued)

I did some finishing work on the MLP, it has received some fences and a couple of auxiliary cars used for energy supply to the stack and the purging systems.
I then did the stack itself, which now is finished. Columbia is next.
Again, due to the thickness of the paper it sometimes is difficult to get everything right.
So why do i not use thinner paper? Well, mostly I can manage the thick parts very well. In this case, the nozzles of the SRB's were too big in diameter to fit in the blast holes of the MLP. Or the blast holes were too small, whatever. They couldn't join up as they should. But since the whole stack will be shown permanently on the MLP, it doesn't matter. I left them off. No one will see.

Here's some imagery.

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