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10 May 2011

Plastered (2)

The base has been finished for now.
The process of sanding was a bit tedious, it took several takes, refilling gaps and sanding off irregularities.
After that, I drew some lines on the slope to indicate where everything had to go in the end.

The concrete sides were done with acrylic paint and the grass and crawlerpath also got a thin layer of colour as an underlayer to accompany the stuff I threw upon it.
I bought some green grass fibre and very tiny grainy stone sprinkles. Glued it on the base with transparent glue. It kind of looks what I had in mind. Perhaps it needs some more lightening of the crawlerway.
(click this one for bigger)

Anyway, the non-paper stuff is done. Back to paper. The MLP is about to receive its walkways and staircases.
More of that later.

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