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30 April 2011

Something new

While waiting for Rassvet and the payload of STS 134 to be released by Alfonso to finish the ISS diorama, something new is taking shape on PK's desk. PK just can't sit still.

It's a slope of five degrees placed in an angle on this square board.
The title will be "The 5º slope to the stars" and will depict Shuttle Columbia with its boosters and white ET upon the Mobile Launch Platform and Crawler being carried to Pad 39A for the start of STS-1 in april 1981.
All of it is scratched up 'til now. I am a bit bad at maths and stuff with numbers so I just use my ruler and pencil. The base will be filled with plaster and the card strips are here for getting the lines all right.

Here's a sketch I made earlier:
It should end up something like this. 
This is also the first time I try something more with a base than just it being a base. This slope is placed in an angle on the board and since the crawlerway has slopes, it also has some complex structures to make if you do it just with the ruler and a pencil. Since this is something new I will post progress on this blog here.

The shuttle stack, MLP and Crawler will be a very downscaled version of the models designed by Alfonso Moreno, you can find them on AXM (in the sidebar is a link)
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