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02 April 2011

1/400 ISS - Shuttle Endeavour

If Discovery has the biggest fame and acclaim for its achievements, Endeavour is as far as I know the 'least famous' shuttle. One of the reasons I have a weakness for her. She would probably not have been built if Challenger hadn't been destroyed. And she had the shortest career of all the shuttles. (What is short? In 19 years she flew 24 missions)

I have plans for all shuttles to build into a diorama or action scene. Endeavour will be in this one. I used AXM's shuttle which originally is in 1/144. I reduced it to 1/400 and when I saw the pieces I had my doubts for a while whether I could do it. I couldn't be more far from the truth.

The payload bay.

after a few pieces the shape of a shuttle already is clear to see.

The wings are on

Due to this thick paper in this scale I often get ugly white edges. I use colour pencils to get rid of that. As I planned to show Endeavour while she makes her last 'loop' around the IS before returning to Earth for good, I needed to put the shuttle on a rod and show her upside down. I made Endeavour detachable by glueing a small tube in the engine section. This shoves over the rod the shuttle will be displayed on in the scene.

While this blog still is in its test phase, I just post some stuff I am working on right now. However, it needs some more structure, I think.
When this build is over, I will probably mainly publish pics of finished stuff, musings about space and sketches of what I am thinking of building. I don't want to get too much overlap with the forums I post on. Builds sometimes are time consuming, FYI, this ISS build was started the 29th of December of 2010.
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