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19 August 2017

Zil 4906 [15] Small stuff part two: Let's call it finished.

This is it, then.
This is the Zil 4906 "Kran" in its final state.
I am not going to add or change anything about it now. The only other thing to accompany this build is a Soyuz capsule.

The Zil 4906, awaiting the Soyuz capsule
Busloads of pictures below! 
The hinge parts were shaped by pieces of sewing pins.

Do I really have to make them all?

Two parts together..

And fitting. It was hard to move them, though. And it all is so tiny, it easily tears apart.
I have been working on the hinges with mixed result. Either I am too impatient or it is too fiddly for my fingers. I couldn't really get the hinges to work properly. One set did work, so I got the passenger's side hatch to actually open and close. 

The moveable hatch in place. Closed...

...and opened. Hours of fun guaranteed.
The next set I wanted to make, the passenger's window hinges didn't go well. The smallest part tore off and at that stage I already was getting fed up with trying to make them all work.
I asked myself: "how many times am i going to play with this model?" None. It will stand there, either in a diorama situation or just like now, on a shelf. No play. And besides, I already glued the steering wheels in a locked position. The only moveable parts are the two cranes.
In short: I abandoned the moveable hinge idea and just made tiny cylinders to act as hinges.

Tackle the next set. I folded the base part over to get a kind of omega shaped hinge section to glue to the sill.

After the "I shouldn't actually be bothered" epiphany.

The driver's hatch was glued into an open position with an added arm to lock the hatch in the open position. With the windows in place and the hatches on top, the Zil 4906 is finished.

I really like how the mirrors turned out.
And I am also very happy with the cranes themselves.

Maxim has really designed a very impressive model.

Starboard screw.

Pravda and Izhvestia on the backseat.

And it is heavier than you think thanks to its skeleton of sturdy cardboard

Now it will stand here quietly awating the Soyuz capsule.

Now it is time to clean up the desk and start building the Soyuz capsule.
More on that maybe next time, but chances are there first will be a quick inbetweenie.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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