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14 August 2017

Zil 4906 [14] - Small stuff part one

We're almost there.
It now is down to the small stuff. Rear view mirrors, propellers, and hinges. The latter still is ahead of me, the rest is well under way. 


Both mirrors have been placed, I didn't use the paper arms but made them from sewing pins. Just a little more subtle and elegant. The propeller screw axles were easy, although I decided to use a rolled up paper cylinder inside instead of either edge glueing or a glue strip inside. It just makes them a little more sturdy.

Note the small attachment points I made from brass. In the building description and the parts sheets wasn't clearly pointed out where to find and how to use the designated parts to make two of these rings.
The propeller shafts attach to a second cylinder in a 90º angle which goes into the hull. The screws themselves are two halves of a circle that are placed in an angle with the screw axle. At the trailing end of the screw is a small rudder. I used a small brass rod I painted black to attach them to the hull.

at the back of the vehicle there are also two rings. They're for towing purposes, I guess. Over the ring there is a kind of securing lock mechanism to prevent the towed object to detach too easily. I still have to do the right one.
Then I suddenly realised, looking at some photos the number plates were wrong. Of course, I changed the vehicle's number already but I didn't think to change the number plates accordingly. So I searched between the photos to find the number plates of vehicle #87. And luckily, I found them. 

So with all that made and ready, all that is left now is one set of propeller screw parts and those hinges for the hatches and windows.
After that, it is Soyuz time.

Thanks for watching and until next time,
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