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01 June 2017

Intense weeks, indeed!

April the 25th we got a call we had to take over an assignment gone wrong. We had to make a 30 minute documentary film in a month's time. That turned out to be two weeks eventually, while there were some things that had to be sorted out considering the other party involved.
We had to write a new storyline, find new protagonists and we did that within a week. After that, we had to shoot and edit the film in two weeks time. Usually we get about nine months all together to do so.
Anyway, it was intense and hard work, we haven't enjoyed any weekend or time off the last weeks but the film is ready and, might I say, enjoyable too.
The creativity I had all went into this production and there was no time left to work on models, unfortunately.
Good thing is that now I do have time again and I am looking forward to pick up construction on the Zil.
So, hopefully, soon a new fresh update on the blue sixwheeler.
See you soon!

UPDATE: We finished the film on time, and we had the release last Wednesday. Lots of good reactions and with a last minute arrival of a much bigger screen and projector also a good quality viewing. After some rest, we'll get on with the next film in the series.
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