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23 June 2017

I was on a short holiday.

... But still I found the time to do some paper model stuff.
We of course did some cycling and visited a couple of interesting villages in the neighbourhood but I also found the time to actually do some stuff with paper. Here's what I did on two sunny and very hot days at the camping site in Hummelo in the very pretty Achterhoek region in the Netherlands this week.

Sitting at an outdoors pick-nick table, I first built a small fun stubby rocket (in a recolour of my own design) and after that, I took out another Zio creation, one of his Supermarine Spitfires. I love that plane and especially the sound of the engine and the wing shape.
This particular version was a little messy designed, because the numbering of some parts was misplaced over the parts themselves. I used my pencils to 'correct' the mistakes, giving the Spit a more dirty underside in the process.

As usual, I cannot emphasize enough how much of a fan I am of the late Fabrizio Prudenziati's models. They are so much fun to build and they look so good when finished. When I am somewhere else and I know I have time for a little modeling, I take one or two of Zio's models along to make.

BEsides building the spitfire I also kept an eye on all the birds in the trees around us. I saw a lot of nice Great Spotted Woodpeckers, a Mockingbird, a pair of rare black Kites, Blackcaps, Garden Warblers and of course lots of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

This is a stubby toy rocket designed by Mike Hungerford and I coloured it  like a racing rocket. I plan to make a handful more of them to create a mobile for someone who recently had a baby.

Oh, and I also did the beginning of another wheel for the Zil but I didn't have my coloured pencils with me so I only could do some rudimentary stuff.

More on that next week.
See you son!

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