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04 October 2016

The ongoing story of the N-1

Man, this is a troublesome rocket, isn't it? Just like the real thing, I keep struggling with this launcher to make lift off successfully. Still, there are things I could try with it. It just has to be a looker. It's so huge and impressive. And the model is so good.
So today I had a couple of hours of spare time and I had an idea. I first wanted to do it the simple way but that apparently is not the way to go with the N1. So, I cut off about 45mm of width from the piece I printed earlier, which was way too large. I thought it was a waste to throw it all away so now what we're going to do is this:

There is going to be a 4,5 cm wide window all the way up to the escape tower, so you can see what is inside. I also cut open the inner fairings for the Blok D and LK to be shown.
In the copy shop I bought some transparent sheets to go behind the cut-out part of  the outer fairing and keep the innards visible.

This is what I cut off from the first part of the fairing.

Using glass fibre tape I provided the insides of the inner fairing with some structure.

I don't know how much will remain visible after adding the spacecraft inside but it looks better anyway.

Stacked it already is quite nice. The one below will house the Blok D part, the LK lander will be in the sivery striped part on top.

I also made a littler window in the base part which holds the fourth stage so you can still see the engine bell.

All together, awaiting contents.

Next is the reconstruction of the Blok D and a start with the LK lander.
Today I got this far but soon I hope to show you more.

See you soon.

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