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23 February 2016

N1 1/96 [7] - Blok D [1]

So now it's Block D that we're trying to make. Since I recently got the hang of making my own dome shapes and curved cones, I thought that this also was the best way of approaching this stage.
Block D is a torus fuel tank with an oval shaped oxidizer tank above it, which has a "skirt" around it. It has a lot of latticework and it carries the LK lunar lander.

A nice abstract view on the tank dome parts. Yes, I need a new cutting mat. I know.

I used the online shroud calculator to make these beauties:

The middle part of the LOX tank. In the background the fuel torus tank.

Torus, skirt and LOX tank. On this photo, the skirt has yet to be reinforced around the rims.
So it was glueing these rings together, reinforcing them here and there and well, I really am happy with the way it looks after the first parts came together.

The torus itself was made from shiny silver coloured card and small strips of aluminium tape to conceal the seams a little. A darker band around the torus will be used for attaching the framework to the skirt.

The small blemish on the hatch is a little accident with the masking tape that tore off the upper paper layer.

The metallic colour does shine more than you see here.

Meanwhile, the Block G stage got an extra colour sprayed on after I found out the size and shape was as good as correct but the lower part was dark grey in colour. I used a Tamiya spray can to correct this small error. I also painted the engine section in gun metal for some extra depth. A fake pearl bead serves as pressure tank.

Up next is the assembly of the Block D parts and a lot of latticework to continue. More on that in the next post.

I have to thank my Hungarian friend Zoltan for providing me with some awesome measurements for the LOK Soyuz spacecraft. I couldn't find out the measurements of the separate parts of the spacecraft anywhere. Luckily Zoli could, with a virtual caliper. Now that is a nifty tool. I must try and find a free OSX one for me one day...
For now, this is it, see you next time!

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