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12 February 2016

N1 1/96 [5] - Blok V - ready!

So, I left you all with the start of the third stage, Blok V, when I did the little Bowie tribute.
Well, Blok V now is finished. The original hull was replaced by a second version, with less deeply embossed panel lines and that worked. Here's a photo of how large this behemoth is becoming. There still needs to be a piece added which is roughly the size of the two upper stages together. the story continues after the jump.
Finished and awaiting toppings. card rings keep the latticework from bending inward.

All surfaces where fairings or cable runs would be places were lightly scratched with my Xacto for better attachment. The toner-based skin of the rocket is very smooth and therefore bad at letting the glue get into the fibres and make a good bond.
Then, all the greeblies. fuel lines, ducts, cable runs, whatnots and whatchamecallits.
I followed the same method as I used on the second stage and ditched the slots and just glued them onto the hull. Looked the part.

Next, the top. I want to have the fairing (and the LK-3 train underneath it) detachable, so I needed a real tank dome on the top of Blok V. The first try looked very good but it all unfortunately left too little room for a paper ring to sink between the tank dome and the hull. Grmblz.

I ripped it all out and started over again. Printed the tank dome at around 95% and it still was nice and large enough to not look stupid and I gained some space for the ring that needs to go between the dome and the hull.
Better. Great. Now it was time to do some stacking. Blok A and B were joined. I roughed up the glue points on each stage for the attachment of the latticework interstage below.
it is always hard to get it right with so many glue points at once but I think I managed well. The rocket still looks straight and good.

Blok V is not yet added to the stack because I need it for measuring the lower part of the LK3 fairing. That will come next, including the plans I have for the insides.
that will come next.

Now you all may have noticed there still was something missing from Blok A, the stablizer frames. I was planning to buy laser-cut mesh card from a shop in th US but sadly, the owner informed me he no longer makes these pretty mesh structures. Dammit! Now where do I get these? I want the stabilizers to be real grills and not just a flat piece of card. I hope I can find another anufacturer of these things. If you know of anyone, let me know. Preferably in the EU.

Anyway, that is it for now. Hope you liked what you saw. Until next time!
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