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08 January 2016

Time for an inbetweenie: Falcon 9 "Full thrust" 1st stage landing at the Cape [2] - Finished!

The Falcon has landed. Or rather, the Falcon is landing. Because it isn't there yet. In this finished little 1/300 diorama.

 More photos below with some details of the last leg of the build.

Lots of small parts. That's what you get in 1/300.

The main parts of a landing leg laid out.

The rods were made from brass rod, primed and painted anthracite.

Nine little Merlins that did an awesome job, three of which did a little more awesome one, and one of those that did a really great job.

Legs added!

X marks the spot.

I added some fiberfill (normally used for insulation in winter coats etc.) and ripped it a bit in a shape that looked like the circle of dust the middle engine kicked up while landing.

Another piece of fiberfill was used as exhaust plume.

Well, that' s that! Now it's back again to the giant N1, where the second stage awaits completion.
Thanks for watching!
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