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03 January 2016

N1 1/96 [2] - Blok A

Hello readers.
First of all I want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Now what has PK been up to in the past week and a half? Well, he finished the first stage of the N1. That's good. It was hard work. Mainly because of the repetitiveness, as I said in my last post. It is a callus inducing job. But the result is nice.

Here it is. It's big. When I put it on the shelf next to its same scale brethren, its huge. It even dwarves the Saturn V a little because of its bottom cross section, which is 7 meters wider than the Saturn. Adding all the detail makes it even more impressive.

Here's a little detail. The cable runs are not the original kit parts but laminated dark grey card strips. I think I used four or five layers of it. It looks a little bit more straight and it doesn't need any edge colouring. The interstage latticework was hard to cut, just like with the 144th version I built ages ago. The white edges were so hard to colour with a pencil, so I took out a bottle of dark grey acrylic paint (Tamiya XF-19) and gave it all a brush or two.

Below, a view from underneath. I kind of dislike the slot system used on the fuel fairings, because it leaves hard to fill gaps and makes them a bit too wobbly on the sides. 

It's a beast. It's big.

In the meantime I have started with Blok B, the second stage, and the hull already has been assembled. I now work on the fuel fairings, the detailing all over the hull and I need to make the engine bells. This time there are 'only' eight of them, so that is less a herculean job than the first stage was... But when stacked, you already can tell this thing is going to be very very big...
 Well, more next time. Thanks for stopping by!
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