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28 November 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 25 - the fairing [4] - Finished!

Yes! Finally PK has made a good cone and now the Ariane 5 is finished. That is, it is now complete and can take its place between its brethren on the shelf. I still need to make the "half open fairing" and that will come some day but for now I just am glad the rocket is complete. The new cone of my own design is looking good, even though I now have more seams running over it than the original three- piece cone. This one has the right curve.
So, here are some pictures. Hopefully you like them. Thanks for bearing with me and having the patience during the long wait this year. Next build already has begun so shortly some progress on that one. For now, here's the Ariane 5 with Herschel and Planck under its fairing.

Room made for next project. Not sure whether it will fit there..

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