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24 November 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 23 - the fairing [2]

Bear with me.
It is not going according to plan. Sometimes things don't work out as brilliantly as you want them to be. The curved paper stuff went very well but the closure of the two halves was bad. Wobbly, not nice and straight. I was very disappointed but I want to have this rocket finished.

I have decided to go for plan B. (which I made up after plan A failed. I never make a plan B beforehand...)

For shelf storage, there will be a one-piece fairing. Just a cylinder with a cone on top. It will come off by just raising it carefully. For display, one half fairing will replace that cylinder. This one also will have the sound suppression inside.

At the moment, I have tons of troubles with the full cone. It just don't fit and I am wasting sheet after sheet of silk matte photo paper. Even after tests with regular paper it just keeps going wrong. For today, I'm calling it quits. I an only handle so much setbacks...
More (hopefully) pretty soon! And with some pictures.


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