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22 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.14: Herschel ready for stacking

As the title already implies, Herschel has been finished. The last parts were also a lot of fun. Again, my little box of pins was used and a dozen or so of pins was sacrificed into this model.
Here's the result, on my hand. The making of is after the jump. Have a look, if you will.

The first thing I made was the sun screen. It was a little puzzle because some newer prints I made apparently didn't have the right size. In the end it all was corrected and it fitted well.  The back was made from a part of silver coated card, the solar panels printed on glossy photo paper and the insides from three parts of aluminium coloured paper.

The inside was coated with wrinkled chocolate wrapper. 

The dish. Also made from silver coated card. The rings were inevitable but in fact they are really smooth to the touch. The dish also was backed with wrinkled chocolate wrapper.

With sic sewing pins I modified a little I made the struts for the small reflection dish.

Next day, different light. The dish now has its support stucture (also made from pins) and the sun screen is glued to the back of the service module. Note the little reinforcing triangles in the bottom corners.

I also made the two side reinforcement strips from glossy paper. Time for some more close ups.

Herschel and Planck ready for stacking up on the Ariane 5.

Now next will be either the two-part fairing or the two part EAP's (the SRB's). What it will be is as much a mystery for you as it is for me. We'll find out in the next post!

Have a good time and thanks for taking a look here.
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