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05 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.11

The slight return of PK.
Got a new pair of glasses and I got my trusty old LX7 camera back from repairs that apparently had to take three months. Luckily it all was covered by the warranty. My new specs unfortunately weren't. oh well. Where were we?
Oh yes! Planck!

It's finished. Isn't that great? The story's after the jump. Here's Planck, posing on top of its SYLDA shroud.

I redid the baffle around the mirrors to make it a little bigger (105%) so it fitted better upon the hexagon. 

The mirrors were made from shiny metallic card backed with a couple of layers of black card. 

The instrument unit with all the tiny little tubes were reperesented by a little golden box with a little circle with tiny holes. It wasn't big enough to roll tubes for the instrument.. (-;

The back plate was added, and I used pins for the strengthening latticework. Lastly, the PVA panel was added to the underside of the telescope.

Thanks to the little magnet inside the service module, Planck snapped in place at its pedestal on the 2nd stage of the Ariane and the SYLDA shroud also fitted nicely over the probe. Just as in the real world, Planck's baffle just reaches below the edge of the top ring of SYLDA, so Herschel will be fitting on top like it should.
And that is next. Herschel in 1/96.
More soon.

Thanks for passing by and see you!

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