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05 March 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.9

A little bit of building has been done today! Hurray!
I have been busy with all kind of private and job-related stuff because I indeed appear to have a life outside being Paper Kosmonaut. That happens. Well, enough chit chat. What has been done, PK?

Well, I started a little on Planck, one of the two space telescopes on board of the Ariane and I further detailed the second stage. Here is a photo of the second stage as it is now. 

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Here's some of the work I did on Planck. The telescope basically is a downward looking circular solar panel on which an octagon is placed. 

Printed on glossy photo paper. Look at the relief in the print. Lovely. Adds lots of realism. The panel is a redesign of my own, I made it with some help from the existing ones as a template..

The top of the solar panel is a silver coated piece of paper. I scratched off the  top layer to get a better grip for the octagon that had to go on top.

Spot welded a reinforcement inside the octagon.

On the octagon are three circular reflective radiator panels on a latticework structure. On top of that is the telescope, a mirror encapsulated inside a beautifully shaped curved baffle that keeps out light sources from the sides. But that is a couple of steps further. I made a place for a small but strong little magnet inside the octagon. Inside the pedestal in the 2nd stage there also is a magnet so Planck stays quite solidly in its place.

The cooling panels. These cool the working parts of the Planck observatory down to very low temperatures. The rest of the cooling is done by helium.

I tried to do the latticework with pins but it's not yet to my satisfaction.

We'll see what can be done about that.
The second stage was detailed with white panels around its bottom side. It contains thrusters and pressure valves. The panels were done in glossy photo paper. the valves were made from aluminium tape rolled up into cylinders.

The engine got a metallic colour by painting it.

The small fuel duct on the side was made so, that the payload shroud will slide behind it and even gives the shroud some grip. I still have to make the two structures that look a bit like hips, 
I also started scratchbuilding the bottom shrouds of the fuel lines and ducts. More on that next time.
Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
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