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10 March 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.10

There was a moment on which I thought I couldn't get it right. But then I thought I also have made Voyager in this very same scale. So why not Planck?
So I tried.
It al still is in a state of further development but the base is there.
More pics after the jump.

Here during the gluing process of all the small cut pins I used for the latticework. I also made the baffle around the mirrors. It looks a little too small to me but I'll check that later. 

The baffle placed upon its hexagon.

Testfit of all the pins in place apart from the ones protruding through the slot for the wiring.

CA is a wonderful thing. It looks a bit messy here but it is not noticeable in the real thing.

Almost there.

It looks like the tihng. The fisheye of the lens makes it a little bit out of proportions. But it looks good, I can tell ya.

The insides of the baffle are made from aluminium tape which I carefully tried to make it run smooth over the surface.

If it's all correct, the top of the baffle should just stay inside the SYLDA shroud. And it just didn't. It all had to do with the pedestal ring in the 2nd stage. It was too high. I cut off about 4mm and it was perfect. I also put some gold foil on the base of the pedestal.

Well, that's it for now. Until the next update!
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